Saturday, 30 April 2011

Live review: ALL THE YOUNG - Darlington Seen/Inside Out 29th April 2011

Fuckin' he'll. Darlington missed a trick tonight!

ALL THE YOUNG, were in your area tonight. They came to your back garden and you were out the front.

Darlington's SEEN venue is the perfect place for any band on their way to world wide domination to call into and blow the minds of the casual clubber.

Tonight it was ALL THE YOUNG. Morrissey's new favourite band. Stoke-On-Trent's solution to the gaping hole in the indie Rock 'n Roll world. A band who are smashing their way through 2011 with a new determination and a confidence that grabs you by the shades and makes you sit up and take notice. Indie guitar rock 'n roll has been waiting for ALL THE YOUNG for longer than anyone had even realised, until they bust into you local and pissed on your jukebox.

Following on from a support slot with BROTHER, the lads are spending the summer performing low key headline shows and festival dates, so this is your opportunity to catch them close up before the album hits the streets and they take the world by storm.

The set tonight consisted of 6 songs from the forthcoming album which is due in January. The quality of the songs so far is superb. I could harp on with comparisons and start using words like anthemic and shit like that but the only thing I need to tell you about ALL THE YOUNG's songs is that they are here NOW they are performed with charisma and style and they ROCK like a monkey with mental problems.

You need this band in your life. They're gonna be in your life anyway so you may as well succumb now. Catch them live over the summer.



Another Miracle
Here To Stay
The First Time
Welcome Home

The single "The First Time" is available on iTunes now HERE
The band's web site is
Official Facebook:
Official YouTube profile:

There are also some live performances from the Middlesbrough gig at Uncle Albert's on my YouTube profile HERE.

More info on Darlington's SEEN / INSIDE OUT venues HERE


  1. Having Seen All The Young and happy to say count them as friends I thoroughly agree with your review. A band you need in your lives, Zane low, Xfm Record of the week, NME Reviews,The Sunday Times Magazine. Hell The Sun even! they are already on their way to great things. We where lucky to be at the Birmingham Gig with Brother and Recently Camden and they where on both occasions Electric and yes Morrissey was there. Off to see them again in Guilford and then Water Rats in London so as you see we are fans. Trust me they are sooooooooooooooo good

  2. Cheers for the comment. I couldn't agree more... I'm off to see them again on Frday. I'm making the most of the small venues because it won't be this way for long I'm sure..

    Keep in touch..


  3. I see great things ahead, Have a great night on Friday, I have to wait until next week