Friday, 22 April 2011

IPD Recommendation: The June - Green Fields and Rain. (Album)

As ever, my mate John Cuz put me on to this band.  They're called The June and their music is a complete psychedelic mix up of The Beatles, Kula Shaker, The Jam, The LAs, Oasis and many other more recent bands.  They have a very Beatles feel to them and yet they are definitely unique.  Every track has a very familiar sound to it but they also manage to make each song sound like a modern take on a song that didn't quite get written in the 60s or the 80s. Brilliant!

With all I've just written, you won't be surprised to hear that they hail from Parma, Italy.  (WTF?)

Doesn't matter where they come from.  This album is top quality.  It needs to be banging the windows out of your car this summer as you drive around in the sun.  Try the two free tracks below and you'll be hooked immediately.  Then you can preview every track using the iTunes link below the tracklist.

As ever, please let me know your thoughts or anything else I need to know.  And if you're The June, send me your new stuff.  I need it!


1. Feel The Sunshine [DOWNLOAD FREE]
2. Good News [DOWNLOAD FREE]
3. On Fire
4. This Song
5. I'm Looking Out
6. Satellites Like Butterflies
7. Love Is Gone
8. Let You Down
9. Smile
10. Waterfall In The Woods
11. Green Fields and Rain
12. Pete On The Street
13. Seas of Sand

iTunes Preview [HERE]

The album is on Rainbow Quartz Records, CATALOG NO: RQTZ170

1 comment:

  1. How can these come from Italy ???

    The most 'ENGLISH' sounding band around !!!

    Great Great album