Thursday, 21 May 2015

Flashback 5 - May 2015

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Hi All,

Welcome to this month's Flashback 5, (he said as if this wasn't something that he'd just started).  Flashback 5 is an excuse for me to push 5 songs by artists I love who either we don't hear often enough or I feel should be much bigger.

Right, no more time wasting, get your headphones on, your volume up and your ears ready for some quality.  Here's the first track....

1 - FATMAN by 12 Dirty Bullets

12 Dirty Bullets are a band from London, England who have released 3 outrageously good albums since their formation in 2009. Fatman is taken from their debut "Downsides To Making A Living" which I urge you to find and listen to as soon as possible.  After that move on to their amazing follow up album "Riddles" which continues the journey with the same quality.  THEN and only then, you can download their third album "12.12.12" FOR FREE - HERE. Enjoy!

More Listening:-
Downsides To Making A Living on Spotify - HERE
Riddles on Spotify - HERE
If you've not heard of Puressence, they are a band who formed in Manchester in 1992 who have six studio albums under their belt and pretty much every song is an epic.  It Doesn't Matter Anymore is taken from their highest charting album "Only Forever".  Have a listen, check them out with the links below.


More Listening:-

Puressence on Spotify - HERE
Only Forever on Spotify - HERE
Planet Helpless Spotify - HERE

3 - SLEEP by Marion

Formed in Macclesfield in 1993, I'd be surprised if most people haven't heard of Marion if only because of their members past and present who include Phil Cunningham (New Order/Bad Lieutenant), Jake Evans (Bad Lieutenant), Jack Mitchell (Johnny Marr) and of course the focal point and unique voice that is Jaime Harding.  Marion truly had the world at their feet until Jaime's drug addiction killed the band and very nearly killed him, but not before they made two tremendous studio albums.  Sleep is one of the band's more well known songs but I've picked it because it grabs you by the ears, shakes you up and then insists that you go looking for more.  Thankfully there is more.  The band reassembled for some gigs recently and according to a recent interview, there is a future.  Hear Sleep, enjoy the albums then cross your fingers.

More Listening:-

This World And Body on Spotify - HERE
The Program on Spotify - HERE

4 - HAND PRINTS by As Elephants Are

Definitely one to keep an eye on in the coming months.  As Elephants Are have yet to release their debut album, but the tracks released so far show a lot of promise.  I beg you to listen to SOULS on the "Hand Prints" EP below. This song on it's own proves the existence of life in modern music.... The future's bright, the future involves Elephants.

More Listening:-
Hand Prints EP on Spotify HERE
Crystal single on Spotify HERE
Youth Blood single on Spotify HERE
Crown EP on Spotify HERE
5 - LAST MAN STANDING by Franco and the Dreadnought
Franco and the Dreadnought: Members: Franco (aka John Blaylock) and the Dreadnought (aka DXME Martin Acoustic Guitar)  I'm just gonna' let the music do the talking for this one.  John is an amazing talent and he should already be ruling the world. Soon eh?

More Listening:-
Last Man Standing album on Spotify HERE
Well I hope you've discovered something new here or even just remembered something old.  More soon.