Friday, 5 June 2015

39 Years Ago Today.

Spot the future superstar amongst the Cosgrove Hall animations team. (...and then forgive him the hair cut.)
39 Years ago today the process that became Stiff Kittens, Warsaw, Joy Division, New Order, Electronic etc. began. 
39 years ago yesterday, Sex Pistols played the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester and the rest is history. Here's a passage from David Nolan's Book :-
"The Sex Pistols wanted it.
And so did Bernard.
He, along with Terry Mason, would be the organisers, the ones who would make things happen, if nothing else, because Bernard was the only one among them who had a telephone. June 5, 1976 would be the first day of Bernard’s musical career. From that day onwards, painting animation cells for Cosgrove Hall would have to take a back-seat. He would continue working for the company until Joy Division broke through - a little beyond in fact -- but it was no longer his priority. Catching the wave that was about to sweep through Manchester was far more important. From this moment onwards, everything would change for Bernard Dickin ...
... including his name."

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