Saturday, 15 October 2011

THE STONE ROSES are reforming.

SHIT MAN!!!!  THE STONE ROSES ARE REFORMING...  I can't actually believe I'm typing this.  The world has been STONE ROSESless since 1996 when John and Ian fell out and the band members moved on to other things, but it looks like the past is the past and the FUTURE IS LEMON!

A "Very important announcement" will be made at a press conference in London on Tuesday (18th October). That's as much as has been said officially but on the grapevine it is being said that there are initially two gigs planned for Manchester in 2012 followed by a full UK tour and then gigs around Europe. 

Watch this space for further details, and keep an eye on the news on Tuesday.....

The NME are running a story following a 'cryptic message' from Reni stating "Not before 9T will I wear the hat 4 the Roses again".  They are suggesting that this means Reni will not be involved despite the fact that Reni has been up for a reunion for years.  However, he WAS the first to leave the band so we'll have to see who turns up on Thursday. 


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