Tuesday, 4 October 2011

THE SMITHS - The Complete Catalogue is now available.

If I hear one more person quote 'Reissue, repackage repackage' I'm going to slap someone.

You forgot to read inbetween the lines for the bit that said "Remaster, Remaster and then release as good a version of the songs as is possible". SHUT IT!!!

I for one am over the moon to be able to own a completelty REMASTERED (by Johnny Marr) copy of The Smiths' catalogue.  They are still the most influential English band ever and to have the tracks remastered by the man who wrote them is top. 

Really pleased that this is finally in the world.

Get yours...


The iTunes Album is HERE
The CD set is available on AMAZON HERE
The Box Set is available on AMAZON link is HERE

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