Sunday, 24 July 2011

NOEL GALLAGHER'S first Solo single debuts on YouTube in the morning.

Noel Gallagher - The Death Of You And Me Video Grab

Forget all the mini leaks and teasers.  The long awaited first solo release from The Right Rhumorable Mr Noel Gallagher will debut on his YouTube channel @ (get this) 8.21 AM in the morning UK time.

A much as I loved OASIS from 1994 until their sad demise, I personally have been waiting for this solo material since about 1997.  Noel Gallagher is undoubtedly one of the most God gifted muscians to ever pluck the earth and this new stuff is gonna' have that ability to grab you by the heart and the balls at the same time, just like the first time you heard CAST NO SHADOW.  Be excited.  Set your alarm for 8.17 AT THE LATEST.

Noel's official YouTube channel is HERE
His official website is HERE



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