Friday, 27 May 2011

IPD recommendation: The Twang - Guapa EP.

Just because of the news that there may be a new Twang album in the pipeline, I thought I'd remind everyone of this EP.

Now I don't know if I was just half asleep at the time but it seemed like there wasn't very much promotion for this EP when it was released, and it doesn't seem to be available on iTunes anymore either but don't let it slip by. IT's CLASS!!!

The EP, which is STILL AVAILABLE on Amazon (see below) has 4 tracks:-

1. Guapa
2. Subscription
3. Whoa Man
4. February Snow

All of the tracks can be bought individually at Amazon HERE

Unfortunately Amazon are shit at selecting which part of a song they put up for preview but you can get an idea of the track's sound before you buy.

Highly recommended. Watch this space for album news......



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