Sunday, 29 May 2011

12 Dirty Bullets : Downsides to Making a Living

How has this album existed for almost 2 years without me knowing about it?

At a time when all I seem to be doing is waiting for debut albums from numerous up and coming bands or anticipating the next album from well loved established bands (and hoping they're not shite), I stubled across 12 DIRTY BULLETS completely by accident.  If it wasn't good enough to listen to a few odd tracks here and there I discover that they've had an album out since June 2009.  Oh happy days! 

12 Dirty Bullets are from London and they are :-

Jamie Jamieson - Vocals / Guitar
Michael Smith - Lead Guitar
Josh Jamieson - Bass / Vox
Loz Rushworth - Drums

They include in their influences The Smiths, Oasis, The Cure, The Sex Pistols and The Cribs and numerous others. (Lots more about the band themselves on their Facebook and MySpace pages)

I downloaded the album this afternoon and I must have played it over 100 times. It is superb!

I had the rare advantage of not having heard any of the tracks before and not knowing which were singles and therefore hearing them for the first time as a collection.  (I read somebody describe one particular band's songs as "Music By Numbers" recently and I guess that's a good way of separating good bands from bad. These songs are DEFINITELY NOT MUSIC BY NUMBERS).  Every one of the 11 tracks is lyrically clever and, I keep using this term but, very well crafted musically.  I already feel like I've had these songs inside my head for years. 

From the opening title track to the beautiful closing "Away With The Stars" this album is nothing short of pure quality and you should buy it NOW.

I can't wait to see them play live.




01 Downsides to Making a Living
02 Dark Tales of a Policeman
03 Fatman
04 Fire
05 Black Roses and Violence
06 Good Time Girls
07 Rock 'n' Roll Pretty Boys
08 Sweet Susie
09 Champagne and Cocaine
10 Keep Chancing
11 Away With the Stars

It's available on iTunes HERE (You can also preview all the tracks)

The 2 singles (that I now know about ;) are available on iTunes HERE

The band's Facebook Info page is HERE and it includes 4 complete tracks from the album.

The band's MySpace page is HERE
They're also on Twitter HERE

(If anyone has a CD copy of the album they want to sell me cheap then gimme a shout)
(where have I seen that bloke on the sleeve art before?)

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