Monday, 2 May 2016

36th Anniversary of Joy Division's last gig.


On this night, May 2nd in 1980 Joy Division played their final gig.  Of course it wasn't meant to be their final gig.  They had a US tour booked for later in the month and worldwide acclaim lay just around the corner but alas, just 16 days later singer Ian Curtis died.  


He wasn't the best vocalist the Earth has ever seen but anyone who knows anything about the world of music will tell you that he had what counts.  Ian Curtis was and still is one of the best lyricists the world has known even though he still remains unknown to the majority.  He also had a stage presence unlike any other.  He was, contrary to everything that he was made of, a perfect frontman.

Joy Division achieved more they could have imagined when they stumbled together in 1977. They achieved so much but they should have achieved so much more. 

36 years on they are loved by millions who all wish they were in Birmingham University on May 2nd 1980. Thankfully the majority of the gig is commercially available on their Still album.  

Headphones on. Click the link. Flick to 38:02 and be there, 36 years ago with Ian, Hooky. Steve and Barnard.


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