Friday, 14 February 2014

Introducing The Clocktower

Every now and then I stumble across a band that has been around for a couple of years who up to that point I've managed to miss completely.  On every occasion that this has happened, I've not understood why this band hasn't already taken over the world.

One such band are The Clocktower.

Formed as a three piece in Wolverhampton in 2009 - Ryan Evans on Vocals & Guitars, Ian Dowdeswell on Backing Vocals & Guitars and Connor Dowdeswell on Drums, they were later joined by Andy O'Brien on Bass.  Andy who was formerly a solo singer/songwriter and promoter has just this week left the band to pursue his solo work so watch out for more from him in the coming months.

The Clocktower are already one amazing album into their career having released their debut in 2012.   Produced by fast emerging Midlands producer Ryan Pinson, "The Days Of Rosey Row" is 12 tracks of pure Indie Rock 'n Roll heaven.  The band's influences are apparent but not plagiarised.  Their songs, written by both Ryan and Ian, have their own character.  They are well crafted and very well executed.

Ryan is a natural frontman and the band are confident live.  They should be.  When you've got the songs and you know how good you are then the more you project that onto your audience the better.  "You believe and they will believe in you!" as some clever man once said. (or did I just make that up to finish this paragraph.) Either way, you get my point.  The Clocktower have got it and they are eventually gonna' give it to you. Like it or not!

The first release since ...Rosey Row is the 3 track EP "Skip It Up Fandango", "Feel The Highs Feed The lows" and the absolutely charming "Take A Chill Pill".  All three tracks continue and raise the quality of the album and the band are in the studio right now working on more new material.
I predict great things for The Clocktower.  They deserve it and they are constantly working towards it.
Come on 2014.... do your bit.
Check out The Clocktower at:-
Facebook page HERE
Twitter page HERE
YouTube page HERE
The Days Of Rosey Row Album and Skip It Up Fandango EP are available from iTunes HERE
You still here?  There's quality music to be checked out... Go!
MickDude x

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