Friday, 16 August 2013

Introducing April Towers - Debut track hits Soundcloud.

None of that Phoenix from the flames bollocks.  Frontiers are dead!
Bad times!
However,  today April Towers have emerged to continue the journey.  Charles and Alex have aired their first track 'Tel Aviv' on Soundcloud and already the buzz is beginning. 
The track is a taster for the band's forthcoming EP 'Peaks' which is due for release in September.  Defining themselves as an 'electronic duo' will inevitably bring comparisons with The Petshop Boys and Marr & Sumner's Electronic.  These comparisons are valid, but the simplicity of Tel Aviv reminds me more of maybe Travelogue era Human League or early New Order.  Either of which are great starting points. 
Such an instantly familiar song, Tel Aviv has a brilliantly simple groove, and I guarantee that you will be singing the chorus by the second listen.  This song has a big future.  April Towers have a big future.
Enough said.  Have a listen and follow......

The 3 track 'Peaks' EP will be released in September with tracks :-

1. Tel Aviv
2. Listener
3. Peaks

Keep your eyes on the April Towers Facebook page HERE


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