Saturday, 26 May 2012

Check Out The Get Alongs (Live Video and Demos)

One of the bands supporting All The Young at Keele University were The Get Alongs.  They are a bundle of young musical energy who have already since moved on to play several headline shows around the area of their home town Stoke-On-Trent. 

You need to check 'em......

(Warning: I'm going to use the term Indie-Punk shortly)

Singer Shane Davis is a natural frontman who dominates the stage with pure enthusiasm for what he does and loves to do.......Perform.

Almost as if he were acting out the songs, his movement alone keeps you enthralled.  However as good as Shane is, and you should definitely remember his name, The Get Alongs are not just another one dimensional standard frontman-lead guitar band.  Far from it.  The other band members, Sim Cope on Guitar & Vocals,  Gav Joines on Bass & Vocals and Jack Hilditch on Drums all play their part in an energetic Indie-Punk (Told you) onslaught that barely seems to stop once the gig starts and leaves you afterwards thinking "WTF just happened there?" and in the best way possible.

To top it all, THEY WRITE GOOD SONGS!  

I was very pleasantly surprised to hear such well made and thought out songs from such a young band.  Although their live performances are a torrent of music and words, the demos that the band have recorded so far let you get to know the songs more intimately and appreciate how good they are and more importantly how good the band are going to be. 

You should check out The Get Alongs.  You should probably check them out more than once and if you're still not convinced check them out a third time.  (After that if you're still not on the train you might as well fuck off back yo your JLS CDs)

Listen to the songs, watch the video then go and see them live.  Remember the names.  You will definitely hear more from these lot in the future.


The Get Alongs Facebook page is HERE

The Get Alongs Live @ Keele University 2012

The Get Alongs - The Soundcloud Demos

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