Friday, 6 January 2012

Mark Bennett (CROSSHAIR BOOKING AGENCY) - One's to watch in 2012.

NOTE: I've tried to dig out and add links to the artists included below but if you are included below and would like links to be changed/added or Twitter etc adding please email and let me know the details.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on musical acts that they think might do rather well next year and some cracking lists have been around, but most of them contain the same people over and over.
Last Year my list included Tribes, Anna Calvi, The Milk, Wu Lyf, Vaccines, Treetop flyers amongst others and some of them didn’t do too bad.

Here are some acts that I like and hope will do well in 2012, in no particular order:-

1) Yellowire SoundCloud Facebook 
2) Silver Seas SoundCloud Facebook
3) The Targets SoundCloud Facebook
4) [ME] SoundCloud Facebook
5) Mad Dog SoundCloud Facebook
6) Binary SoundCloud Facebook
7) Janice Graham Band Facebook
8) Rachel Sermanni SoundCloud Facebook
9) Fractures SoundCloud Facebook
10) The Sea SoundCloud Facebook
11) She Keeps Bees SoundCloud Facebook
12) The Jess Hall Band SoundCloud Facebook
13) The Din SoundCloud Facebook
14) Jack Townes SoundCloud Facebook
15) The Staves SoundCloud Facebook
16) Gross Magic SoundCloud Facebook
17) The Carpels SoundCloud Facebook
18) The Troubadors SoundCloud Facebook
19) Peace SoundCloud Facebook
20) Morrisey and Marshall SoundCloud Facebook

There’s 20 bands that you might not have heard of.  Here are 12 acts you may have heard but you still must go and see them :-

1) Lana Del Ray SoundCloud Facebook
2) The War on Drugs SoundCloud Facebook
3) Sad Day for Puppets SoundCloud Facebook
4) Fanzine SoundCloud Facebook
5) The History of Apple Pie SoundCloud Facebook
6) Dexters SoundCloud Facebook
7) Catfish and the Bottlemen SoundCloud Facebook
8) Cold Specks SoundCloud Facebook
9) Jamie N Commons SoundCloud Facebook
10) DZ Deathrays SoundCloud Facebook
11) Life in Film SoundCloud Facebook
12) Kyla La Grange SoundCloud Facebook

Mark Bennett

You can follow Mark on twitter to keep up with the bands that he's booking and putting on and also just to chew the fat about new bands and his recomendations.  He's on @chbookingagency

I can vouch for a few of these bands and hope to be featuring them soon.  In the mean time I'll be checking the rest out.  You should too. 

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