Tuesday, 1 November 2011

THE CHAPMAN FAMILY Announce NOVEMBER OFFENSIVE TOUR (and wage war on The Government)

THE CHAPMAN FAMILY have announced an 18 date NOVEMBER OFFENSIVE TOUR kicking off tonight in Manchester. 

The tour, in the words of the band, is in homage to the gunpowder plot of 1605 and they are "waging war on the leaders of this country and all the apathetic zombies who have allowed them to fuck us into the gutter". 

We'll all have a bit of that eh?

The full statement reads:-

Remember remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder, treason should ever be forgot...

This November in homage to the legendary plot of 1605 we will be waging war with the leaders of this country and all the apathetic zombies who have allowed them to fuck us into the gutter. We are declaring a state of artistic emergency from within the “music industry” where creativity, relevance and integrity have been replaced by the banal, the pointless and the derivative. We are raising our colours and heading once more into the breach and seeking out those of you who like us can't relate to the man sitting at the head of the nations table making decisions that neither help nor represent us or to the artists who claim to be like us and speak for us. Fuck them. This is our opening salvo, our November Offensive. It is a statement of intent and it is just the beginning.

The riots this August proved that if enough people can be mobilised under an ideal then they cannot be stopped. Whether the reasons for the violence and rage felt in our capital and throughout this country were righteous or not is irrelevant, it's the motivational message that matters. It's a message that resonated deep within us and it's the message that has inspired us. We have always striven to be a band that stood for something, to be a band where the word dissonance wasn't just used as a description of our sound, to be a band that were never afraid to say what we really felt and to never compromise or sell out our integrity. Now more than ever we feel capable of living up to what we always hoped we could be. We're tighter, leaner and more focused than we have ever been. We have two new family members who share our anger at the present and our hopefulness and optimism for the future. We are reverting back to the DIY ideals that built this band and are taking control of our own destiny.

Just as the plot of 1605 has resonated forever through history so too will this tour resonate forever through our history. It will be remembered as the time we stood up and spoke out against the injustices that we live through in this country every day, against the prejudices of our government and the grinning, flaccid cunt in charge, against the cuts to our public sector which have forced unemployment up to its highest level in 15 years, against the bible bashers and crazed anti-abortionists who want to take away the right of choice from the women of this country, against the openly racist and xenophobic beliefs of organisations like the EDL and the BNP and against the dumbing down and commoditization of art. We have a voice and we intend to use it and we urge you to do the same. Once more into the breach dear friends...


Not sure I totally agree about the scruffy bastard rioters intent but I see their point.

The tour dates are:-

01/11 MANCHESTER Sound Control
02/11 LONDON Wheelbarrow
03/11 HIGH WYCOMBE Bucks Uni
04/11 SUNDERLAND Sumo @ Independent
05/11 STOCKTON-ON-TEES Georgian Theatre
07/11 LEEDS Hyde Park Picture House
08/11 PORTSMOUTH Edge of the Wedge
09/11 CAMBRIDGE Cornerhouse
10/11 LEICESTER Lock 42
11/11 CARDIFF Buffalo Bar
12/11 BRISTOL Louisiana
15/11 BEDFORD Esquires
16/11 NOTTINGHAM Dark Edge @ The Greyhound
17/11 HARTLEPOOL The Red Room
18/11 PRESTON Mad Ferret
19/11 GLASGOW The Art School
20/11 SOWERBY BRIDGE Puzzle Hall
21/11 SHEFFIELD Soyo

Get involved and get along to at least one of the dates.  If you've never seen them live before, your in for a show I'm tellin' ya'!!


Check out :-
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and if you haven't already, then check out the album BURN YOUR TOWN HERE

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